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Why Astrology?

Throughout our life’s journey there are many peaks and valleys that lead to asking ourselves who we are or why we may repeat patterns.  Exploring our own natal birth chart with astrology can offer profound insights, enrich connections with others and lead to a path of awareness by aligning our intentions for a better result.

Getting to the core of identifying what drives us is fundamental to seeing through our layers of individual defenses.  The ability to observe symbolic patterns with our life energies can support our search for deeper meaning and understanding as we evolve through our own journey. 

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is a perspective on our unique map.

Are you ready… For INSIGHT influenced by the cosmos as your guide?  Do you want to be inspired and discover ANSWERS that guide you to creative SOLUTIONS?  Let’s collaborate and translate the language of sacred sky symbols to explore your own personal Insight, Answers and Solutions.


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